Cast Out

by Hanging Moon

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Drums recorded at Forty-One Fifteen by Tate Mercer and Blake Hardman.
Further recording and mixing done by Ritta Baker.

Photo by Michael Portugal


released September 20, 2016

Taylor Stephenson - Bass
Gabe Manuel - Guitar/vocals
Josh Landrith - Drums/vocals



all rights reserved


Hanging Moon Nashville, Tennessee

Josh Landrith
Taylor Stephenson
Gabe Manuel
Christian Smith

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Track Name: Hollow Existence
Taught to find our self worth
In pain we're fed from birth
Fall in line, and wait your turn
Patiently to burn

I watch the ones I love stumble and falter
Crushed underneath the weight of hardship they fought for
Why would you want this hollow existence?

We are not the same
I hide from the pain you embrace
Your life has been consumed by hate
You can hide, but your wounds won't keep you safe from harm
Your brittle bones would snap in the harshest cold

There is no way to escape
Pain you've learned to believe you deserve
I learned to cope in ways you never had to
I hope you never know what it's like to lose
Everything you cherish
All reduced to ash
I am trapped inside
A life of anguish
Track Name: Cast Out
I will not stay in the line
Of the ones following this design
Open your eyes; you're so damn blind
Only following the plans they made for your life

Wake the fuck up, realize you're being controlled
Your life consists of only doing what you're told
Forsaking every chance you've had to be bold
And looking down on me with a gaze so cold

I acted upon my doubts
And in return you cast me out
Trying to keep me from all I can be
I have the fucking right to live free

You cast me out
Track Name: I Prefer My Cage
Set fire to sorrow
It'll burn for your whole life
Its shadow will follow
Consuming any light
You tell me to change
But you made me this way
Thrown away by the family
Who taught me how to hated

Tormented and taunted
By the knowledge
That my pain is ceaseless and unrelenting

My pain is ceaseless

A child with crippled legs, I limp through life
I throw away the people that try to hold me up
Just to feel my jaw shatter on asphalt
Forced to face the past, I hide myself away

I prefer my prison

Born with a limp, deserve to be put down

I prefer my cage
Track Name: No Remorse
You've traded humanity
For a reward you'll never see
So easily swayed and bought
Never gave anything a second thought
Make your place for god's return
Leave the rest of us to fucking burn
A cult of control in candlelight
A generation of closed eyes

If the end of sin is death
At least I'll order my own steps

You won't be saved

Your children will hang their heads in shame
Of the world you left for them to mourn
No remorse for cowards or their schemes
To marginalize or steal from the weak
Wasted words and wasted time
All because of a fucking lie
Track Name: Resurrect
No responsibility for what you've done
Throwing out false accusations, causing the innocent to run
Your sheep follow blindly without a second thought
They'll never realize that all you say you are is all that you're not

All that you're not

The words you speak and what is true don't add up
You're just a fucking liar, and I've had enough

You're the fucking pig
You deserve to bleed
Victimizing yourself
Instead of those in need

Resurrect the dead you've slain
And take their place
Feel their pain
Take their shame