Deathbed Promo

by Hanging Moon

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John Donnell Nashville heavyweights Hanging Moon back at it again with technical metalcore that will melt your face off. Go beast mode motherfuckers.
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Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Trae Roberts at Like Minded Recordings in February 2017.

Photo by Michael Portugal.


released May 12, 2017

Taylor Stephenson - Guitar
Gabe Manuel - Guitar/Vocals
Christian Smith - Bass
Josh Landrith - Drums/Vocals



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Hanging Moon Nashville, Tennessee

Josh Landrith
Taylor Stephenson
Gabe Manuel
Christian Smith

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Track Name: Control
I put my face in my hands
I don't know how to love
Because I was taught that love is control
Love is control

Just save your breath
Your words mean nothing
I don't know myself, and you don't know me any better
Track Name: No Joy
No Joy

This world has left me with no hope
I've lost everything, I'm alone

There's nothing for me
My mind is a void
The morals I once had
Are now destroyed
You crippled me
You motherfucker
Your apology came too late
You are the reason I'm filled with hate

I try to find joy in memories
But they are gone, sought after history
Hidden away, just out of grasp
No one to trust, afraid of myself

I never wanted to lose
Everything that I had; it's gone

There's no fucking point to this worthless life
From the day we're born we're sentenced to die
I searched for god, found just a vacant sky
Your religion is just a crutch to survive

When you find me
You will know
That there's no joy in me
No joy at all
Track Name: Deathbed
Spineless bastard
Fuck your safe, perfect world
You're weak; cowardly
You will never break out of the mold
Covered in filth while you search for gold
Understand, I'll never want your life
I'd rather fucking die
We will never see eye to eye

Snarl like a wolf to push me to the side
Digging your own grave

You lack the trait of empathy
Seeing only what you want to see
You've made yourself a judge, but never one that I'll respect
I'll take the gavel from your hand and use it to break your neck

Snarl like a wolf to push me away
Digging your own grave

Trapped inside a cage of glass
Built from shards of yourself

Friend to no one, a fucking snake
Lashing out to numb the pain
You carry around deep inside
A wounded animal, all alone you'll die
Gasping for air
In a lonely deathbed
That you built for yourself

Let me go just this time
I've exhausted myself to the floor
In an effort to give you more

And I will never again feel love
I will never again feel peace
You took that from me
You fucking took that from me

Every time that I see your face
It's a reminder of what you did
And I'll never forget
And I'll never forgive

You're a fucking disease